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Club Puertorriqueño de San Francisco, Inc., is a

Puerto Rican Social Club, incorporated on February 25, 1912. 
The oldest Latino organization in the United States. 

(415) 920-9606
​3249-A Mission St, San Francisco, CA. 94110 


​​Club Puertorriqueño de San Francisco, Inc.,

​is a Puerto Rican Social Club organization. It was incorporated on February 25, 1912 and is the oldest Latino organization in the United States.

The goal of El Club Puertorriqueño de San Francisco, Inc. is to conserve and promote the values and culture of Puerto Rico. Dances, picnics, exhibits of arts with traditional foods and activities for the children are done during the year for members, their families and the community to keep the culture alive. 

​We are proud to be members of El Club Puertorriqueño de San Francisco, Inc., and invite you to come joins us. ​

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